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Wow, I have a lot of students this semester.

This afternoon, Tara and I came back to Taylor for a while so she could work on a friend’s church’s website online. I took the opportunity to read some of my 92 reflection papers for this week… I already had some done, and I’ve just finished a couple dozen of them, and I still have 29 left to go. This really does take a lot of time… but thankfully, not too much of it (yet).

Is this really worth it? Do my students even bother to read the comments I (hastily) add to their papers? I don’t know… maybe I’ll never know. But I think this process of reflecting is one of the most valuable parts of the course.

It’s something I learned from Dr. Ross in my Old Testament classes last semester. He had us write two-page (single spaced!) papers on the readings (biblical and otherwise) for that week’s class session. It took a lot of time, and he read every single paper of ours, but it really helped me figure out what I thought about each of the books we read.

I just hope this is as valuable for my students as it was for me…

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